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I added Planetside modules and validation to the TSN Officers RP

I also added a column for Zac Turnez as I could not see one and suggested modules where I believe I have seen evidence of training. Would @admin care to fill that out?

From reviewing the RP sheet, it looks like Wilcon and Nhaima are well suited to security and with her Intelligence analysis and Sensor Data Analysis, Nhaima could make a fair go of planetary navigation. That might be modified by Planetside Survival training if anyone has any. Wilcon has the best fit for orbital navigation.

I played to Matsiyan’s strengths and interests in choosing Planetside modules. He probably does have an edge in hardware. They seem to be peers in computer and sensor operations. Which leaves him free to concentrate on the equipment. He also has additional training in comms which is why he took responsibility for the extra comms gear.

What we don’t have, unless Turnez does, is a Botanist or Xenobiologist to collect meaningful samples. Any of us will otherwise be operating off default basic training and any comms guidance from orbit.

I’m hoping the Geology and Chemical Engineering may come in useful for assessing the “impact site”, if that is what it is.

1) Why are we a day’s walk from the Atmospheric station? Matsiyan keeps up with his prescribed exercise but he’s not practiced in footslogging. Are there particular flora or fauna habitats on the path to be investigated?

2) I had the impression that the impact site (the reddish zone?), as seen from orbit, was thousands, or at least many hundreds, of kilometres from the atmospheric station site. Have we determined that the AS is on the edge of the mystery reddish zone? I cannot find Nhaima’s orbital reconnaissance pictures.