Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Zac Turnez

Turnez rushes down the ramp following Rodger, taking a kneeling position to the right and scanning the immediate terrain.

Are there any lifeforms within visual range of the shuttle’s ramp? AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 31; Result = Yes

Are the lifeforms presenting a threat to the team? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 93; Result = Exceptional No

Ahead and just within Turnez’s visual range, a group of strange looking lifeforms, similar in size to impala on Earth, are grazing on the plains. Some of the creatures pause, turning eyes towards the newcomers before continuing their grazing, moving quietly away from the team.

Area looks secure. No threats within line of sight.

Turnez lowers his weapon and continues to scan the surrounding terrain, glancing back briefly at the other officers as they exit the shuttle.