Reply To: Mission 29517-2237

Zac Turnez

Following Nhaima’s lead, Turnez picks up his pack and weapon from a storage locker. Pulling out his data pad, he synchronises it to the shuttle’s systems, downloading the relevant sensor data and maps from the approach. Once complete, Turnez shoulders his pack and begins heading towards the shuttle door.

Last time we were here, we stepped off the shuttle and found ourselves face-to-face with a rather large alien. Hopefully, we won’t be so unlucky this time. In any case, I think we should fan out quickly from the shuttle’s ramp and do a quick visual scan of the area before letting the shuttle lift off. That way, if we have to make a hasty retreat, we’ll be able to.

Once we are out and the shuttle has left, we’ll be able to establish our route to the monitoring station and head out. I estimate it’ll take a good day’s trek to reach it from our current position. From there we can then move on to the impact site and in investigate.

We could launch a drone that we have on board and have it track us as we go. It should last the duration of the mission as long as the weather doesn’t deteriorate. If we have to land it for a longer period of time, or it becomes damaged, we’ll have to abandon it though. It’ll be too large for us to carry any distance and we won’t have the kit to repair any serious damage anyway.