Reply To: Forum Mission


OK, I have been thinking on this some more, and with some time off coming up I want to work up and begin a new mission.

I think the planet side mission progressed more smoothly because there were very clear objectives to try and achieve – set up monitoring station and explore the impact crater. It meant we could progress towards those goals, and the main thing in our way was the environment around us.

In answer to some of Nhaima’s questions – we could try another similar mission to the planetside mission, perhaps returning to the same location to pick up data or check out the impact crater. In general, the posts progressed fine. A ‘lead’ player was one thing we were going to have who could make the decision to skip on a bit. It seemed though that things went smoothly in the planetside mission we tried. The trick is to support each other not to make too many leaps forward. More time playing should give us practise and hone in what is acceptable in terms of progression. As for the tone of the mission, I very much feel we should go for the “realistic” star trek style as it seems to fit the game best, and matches with a lot of people’s experiences (though I am basing that on a general assumption).

In terms of rank, it should be a teamwork thing, but at the same time, part of our RP revolves around our rank system. We are all officers, so we could assume a certain level of expertise in our chosen fields. I think we need to strike more of a teamwork approach than a “follow the highest ranking officer blindly”. As we have more time to discuss actions, it could work fine, with those in higher ranks accepting they can’t just steamroller the RP. Again, we’l probably learn from experience what the right balance is. I do wonder what would happen if “the fleet captain” lead the mission though….

So, how about a return to the planet we discovered? A quick idea would be to a. investigate the impact zone, and b. re-establish a link to the monitoring station as we’ve lost contact with it. It would be a relatively straightforward mission with only the terrain and local alien life to contend with. And it would be interesting to see what the impact crater turns out to be (though we have to try and figure that out as impartially as possible i.e. not come with a preconceived idea and then skew our questions and resolutions to fit).