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I understand some people remember numbers easier and some remember phrases easier, but I’m one of the phrase people and, particularly since I play Artemis outside of shift, it’s much easier to remember than to remember the primary server’s IP. This is doubly true when we split out into two groups and run on different servers. Rather than the second group waiting for different command codes, they know to connect to cc2.* instead of cc1.* We can change the prefix if there is something that would make more sense or be more aesthetically pleasing, but the idea is solid none the less.

I suppose to clarify what seems like Tuor’s concern, I don’t think that Donovan is advocating that people must use the alias instead of the IP address. I also agree, the difference in time to enter the alias vs. the IP is negligible. What it is, however, is more accessible and more scalable than having everyone either remember or repeatedly ask for command codes, particularly when we need to shift off the primary set, and this cannot be a bad thing. Only a good one. Thank you Donovan for setting this up.

On a personal and selfish level, I type using the standard keyboard. For a full IP, I switch to my 10 key out of habit…. which also happens to be where I put all of my ship whisper lists. In case people ever wonder why I start whispering nothing repeatedly to various ships at the beginning of a shift ^_^