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Absolutely would love to hear more from him. If the mobile versions don’t work as well then yea pcs it is. There’s enough cheap touch screens out there it wouldn’t be too bad.

Yes I like the scramble orders to announce when a crew needs to go to a ship. Definitely will be a fog machine and lights in each bridge and in the bar. Pyrotechnics wouldn’t be feasible for insurance reasons lol.

For music I’d probably just do pop music in the bar area, maybe have a playlist that shuffles in a little Star Wars cantina on occasion, but it’s got to be an entertaining space where people can kill an hour or two until their crew gets scrambled.

I’m also thinking in the bar there could be maybe at each booth a screen and controls that could be for the fighters lol. So you’re sitting there drinking your romulan ale and a captain comes on a small speaker at your table requesting you to scramble into your fighter.

There’s just so many ways to do this and would be so entertaining. Assuming one could get enough people there which would obviously be the hardest part.