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It would include the Planetside equipment for completeness, but would detail all the other equipment available too. Some of the equipment in Planetside are already expanded on in this document (e.g. the med-kit).

I have added a link below to so you can view the working document. The opening is a basic overview on what a TSN officer might wear. The next part is standard issue equipment. I want to include a third section that outlines more specialist equipment (think engineering gear or specialist medical gear), and a final section on larger equipment. I am thinking for the majority of the equipment, an officer could carry on their person or in packs. The larger/ more specialist equipment might have to be transported by a vehicle of some kind or would be accessible on a ship or station, or could be carried in pieces by several people and then assembled on site. An example would be the Atmospheric Monitoring Station.

Anyway, see what you think and feel free to make some suggestions. Headings show more ideas that I want to add.

TSN Equipment Document