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A communication device would be fine to include. I think the equivalent to 50′ of rope is quite simply, 50′ of rope. It could be much smaller and lighter to carry, and maybe is rolled into a simple drum, the size of a can of beans or something. I have been thinking about the basic med-kit and have been drawing on some Star-trek ideas. Here is a write up of what I have at the moment:

A small portable kit that has basic life saving equipment. The med-kit provides the necessary first aid equipment to stabilise a casualty. Included within the med kit is: a hypo-spray for administering drugs; a medical sensor, for scanning a patient to identify medical issues; a micro cardiac-stimulator, for stabilizing a patient’s cardiac functions; micro cell enhancer, for stimulating cell reproduction in wounds (it will not heal a wound but can be used to staunch bleeding, or sooth severe burns); micro neuro-stimulator, for stablising neural activity in the brain; and bandages.