Reply To: Forum Mission


I am still trying to figure out exactly why they petered out. Perhaps as time limits weren’t as strict that may have had an impact. Maybe it was the missions themselves that didn’t have enough of a focus at the beginning. The planetside mission for example had a pretty clear, time limited objective.

The forum games are set up so that if people drop out or don’t respond, two or three can keep it going without having to wait around, but then it does require two or three to do just that.

I did think we could do some kind of bridge based mission. One idea that has just popped into my head is a search ad rescue mission in Poseidon, time limited because of some kind of impending gravitational storm.

Another could be a planetside mission like we did before perhaps.

Maybe we set our opening scene (the search and rescue mission) with a time limit, then the result of that informs the next scene and we think of a new time limiting factor e.g. a race to shut down the core before it explodes, a race to capture a stolen weapons before it is detonated…

Any thoughts?