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Rodger Wilcon

Rodger Wilcon:
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (I think) (you can jump it up to a higher age if you want)
Nose: Basically the same as your profile, but a little more rounded.
Skin color: Flesh white, no tan, small amount of acne and spots, with eye sags visible: due to many nights of lost sleep.
Hair color: Dark brown with tinges of dark red-brown.
Hair: Clean shaven, long, well combed, hair that reaches the bottom of the shoulder blades; tied up in a ponytail (behind the head), hair tucked up and behind the ears, a small amount of hair starting to grow in-front of the ears.
Height: 5″4′
Build: Light-Medium
Disposition: Gemini-like activity, with seemingly multiple personalities:
1; Joking, immature, wild, and energetic (most active during off time and informal meetings). Facial features usually are goofy and/or smiling wildly.
2; Professional, self restrained, and polite, but aggressive towards people who aren’t working well in a project (most active during group projects, missions, and formal meetings). Mostly emotionally neutral, but has a small smirking smile when happy with a result, and a displeased look when something bad happens or a person is not participating well in the project or mission.
3; Distant, dark, aggressive towards people who interrupt him, and easily startled into aggressive action (most active while working or doing activities alone, while sometimes active when among people who he doesn’t like). Emotionally neutral until disturbed, at which point Wilcon will lash out with a snarl and angry disposition.

Birthplace; Terra (Earth)
Heritage; American
Hobbies; Artemis; TSN public training game (primarily acting as helm), long range weapon shooting.
Prior occupations; Pilot in family private shipping company.
Current rank; Cadet