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Paragon Chat, the client from the old City of Heroes MMO.

Anyone interested can download Paragon Chat, it’s free, and gives you access to the character creation tools.
From the CoH Survivors fb group:

Please read this Pinned post because it answers all your questions on things like
What is Paragon Chat?
• How do I get issue 24 for Paragon Chat?
• Do I need to install issue 24 somewhere?
• What do I need to install to get issue 24 for Paragon Chat?
• Where do I get issue 24 if I am a mac user for Paragon Chat?
• Where do I get Icon (seriously this has been answered at least 70x now in 70 different comments Install Tequila for Windows or Island Rum if you are a mac user
To use Paragon Chat. Install either Tequila or Island Rum. Both of those will automatically install everything you need for XMPP and Icon. Read through the install instructions carefully!!!! If you have problems contact the Titan people or look through their frequently asked questions as listed below.
Titan Icon Installer for Windows: Tequila and it will give you issue 24 automatically (yes you need this for Paragon Chat),9531.0.html
Titan Icon Installer for Mac Users :Island Rum complete with issue 24 automatically (Yes, you will need this for Paragon Chat if you are a MAC user),9502.0.html
Titan website to create or update your titan account (YOU MUST HAVE THIS IF YOU WISH TO USE PARAGON CHAT!)
Frequently asked questions for Paragon Chat. (Please read these because I am not someone who is involved with Titan and I do not know of a more streamline way for you to solve most issues.),10977.0.html
For all those character files you saved but now you would like to rip out their costume parts from those sentinel files and use it for Icon without having to remake every single costume
Paragon Wiki
Google doc that will unlock all of the locked emotes in Paragon chat…/1HIBsMEWCp_o7s066dZ2…/mobilebasic…