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Index: Growing Ximni conflict

I’m still not certain why the Ximni have started attacking. They say we started it, but have yet to provide any proof. There was a diplomatic mission, but they broke it off while initiating a military strike nearby… I like the Ximni. They’re actually useful and I still maintain the hope of acquiring another jump drive and doing a proper installation this time.

Someone mentioned trying to develop jamming technology to prevent the ximni from performing their rapid reposition. If we captured one of their ships, we could perhaps develop some kind of inhibitor or reverse engineer the technology. We could also borrow officers who have experience with jump drive execution or theory and run a simulated combat encounter to allow the rest of the division experience combating properly jump capable targets. Some Skaraan ships have a short range jump drive but it’s unpredictable and pales in comparison to what is within Ximni capacities for warfare.