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Cadet Corbin,

Welcome to the TSN.

Here are your orders:

If you have not done so, already, please fill out your enlistment form at

Please report to the TSN Docking Bay at 19:30 UST hours on stardate 15417-2237 so we can assist you in your first duty shift. Officers and cadets are expected to be in uniform and in the Briefing Room by 20:00 UST. Exceptions will be made to accommodate new recruits while they receive their security clearances. Please check your locally observed Time Zone for translation. TeamSpeak3 Security Codes are as follows:

When you report, please change your uniform (// Nickname) to show your name and primary station using the following format: Donovan | Sci

If you are unable to enter the Docking Bay due to internal security measures, please remain at your initial arrival coordinates and your credentials will be reviewed before your rank and security clearance is granted.

The Duty Officer (myself) or Assistant Duty Officer (Nhaima) will review also review your interface protocols to ensure a smooth entry into your new assignment. If you wish to review these protocols before stardate 15417-2237, you may send a private communique to myself and I will try to establish communications with you before then. TSN is currently using version 2.5.101 (// which is not the Steam version, if that’s where you acquired it) with internal protocol 1.6.3RCA which can be accessed at

I highly recommend that before applying the TSN-specific protocols that you copy your base version to another location and then apply the protocols to the copy.

As Duty Officer, it is my privilege to welcome you to the TSN and my goal is to make your career transition as seamless as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lt. Jr. Donovan, Duty Officer
Terran Stellar Navy
Second Space Fleet, 4th Light Division

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