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An oversight on my part. We had discussed the change from seniority of rank to the class of ship (i.e. heavier combat ships such as the battlecruiser vs lighter combat ships like the interceptor). It should be that ships form up with based on their class, with heavier weight ships closer to the lead ship. Should there be two ships in the same class (or similar class) then the most senior captain takes the closer position.

Baker is a little bit different, and I haven’t finalised my thoughts on this yet. One option is to have the heavier class ships closer to the escort, with lighter class ships further away (imagine rings of ships). This complicates things somewhat, with ranges from the escorts needing to be specified etc. I think for now, the same positioning will be applied, with the lead taking a position ahead of the escorts and the rest of the ships moving in to position around the escorts, heavier class ships further forward then lighter class ships.