Reply To: Combat Training Toolbox


With the recent mission, meeting a large creature, I was thinking about a heavier weapon of some kind that we might carry in a shuttle. Perhaps we could have something equivalent to a Light Support Weapon, which has a heavier hitting power than a pulse carbine. The problem is making sure it isn’t too big…. or too explosive….

Maybe we could have some kind of plasma/energy weapons that causes massive damage to a single target, but can only be fired a short distance. It would be equivalent to a bazooka perhaps in terms of use (e.g. the targets you’d use it against) and range (shorter distance, but not quite point blank). I also think it should be limited to a set number of shots e.g. 5 shots before the power cell gives out. Personally, I think we should stick to energy based weapons though – excessive amounts of explosive ammunition seems a little too dangerous on a shuttle.