Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237

Blaze Strife

Blaze grunts, taps his knife and slowly exits the shuttle, pulse rifle ready.

If it starts running again, I’m shooting.

Cracks neck.

Quinn, I think you should prepare us for lift off, as soon as you can.

Stars walking slowly towards the creature.

Through the helmet’s communications Nhaima, cover me.

Does the animal turn towards Blaze? AR: Average, DR: Average, Roll: 25, Result: Yes.

Rifle pointed downwards in his right hand, Blaze raises his left hand towards the creature, walking ever so slowly.

Does the animal respond violently? AR: Average, DR: Average, Roll: 93, Result: Exceptional No. // I live! 😀

The animal stops and turns it’s great horned head sideways, letting out a deep murmur.

Quitely, through the communications We should be safe. Start walking, y’all.