Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237


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Nhaima keyed the drone onto autopilot, having it track the creature for visual surveillance while spiraling upward like Turnez had directed. She lingered near the control console for long enough to check that she had configured the self-guidance correctly before heading aft. She clipped into web gear, pulled a rifle off the rack and 3 charge packs. She loaded one charger into the rifle, picked up a pistol and loaded that one as well. She holstered the pistol, slung the rifle, and started loading up the rest of her webbing with spare rations and a canteen.

“Asking for that kind of fire support would be ill advised Lieutenant. Perhaps using the second shuttle in a close air support role, but we would need to bring the Viper into the atmosphere to bring the weapons in range. Still, avoiding the conflict at all would be preferable…. I’ll get up top anyway…”

Nhaima cracked open the dorsal hatch for the shuttle, lifted herself into the airlock, and keyed for it to cycle. Once free to do so, she continued her climb up and out topside. She sat down, bracing the rifle in a standard seated firing position, and linked the rifle sight to her in-helmet heads up display. Moments later, she called back out over the comms.

“Commander, we’ve got movement. Not sure if it’s interested in us, but it’s heading this way.”

Did the creature start heading away? AR:Average DR:Average Roll=90, Exceptional No!