Reply To: N'tani


Interesting point, Tuor, about the need to adapt to new environments. I would think they would have a combination of being able to naturally adapt their physiology quickly and easily, sort of like how reptiles can thermoregulate differently depending on the environment, And having the technology to help them adapt, like gene therapy or “terraforming” tech.

The way Xavier frames it, it seems they would move from planet to planet but also have a constant space presence. Perhaps there’s a caste system that separates those who extract resources from a planet and those who stay in space and maintain the ships?

Expanding on Matsiyan’s point about trade, they would probably have to deal in things that don’t really lose too much value over time, considering they play the long game and may traverse great distances before they find someone interested in paying their desired price for goods. As a side effect, this would probably make them poor information dealers, considering how quickly intel can go stale, but would make them excellent galactic historians and scholars, considering all the different cultures they could encounter and events they could observe even in a single lifetime.