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I tend to agree, Blaze, that a GM would be able to guide the narrative much better, but I think the Mythic system works best when the players make up whatever story they want and all deal with the random outcomes together, sort of like improvisational theater.

During a shift I’d say that’s probably a bad idea, since it could mess with someone else’s enjoyment of the TSN, but for this it seems like the stakes are pretty low. Worst case scenario: somebody says something that doesn’t quite match with TSN canon or the whole thing kind of trails off into nothing. If that happens then we can just RP next shift as if the whole thing didn’t happen.

For the uninitiated, here’s some basic rules of improv:

  • Accept the reality that your partners have created
  • Add to that reality
  • Your statements (not questions) help others advance the plot
  • There are no mistakes, only opportunities

Since we haven’t explicitly said who is or isn’t on this mission, people can just jump in as if they’ve been there the whole time, no harm no foul (@slate included, I know you were the one who brought up this whole idea)!

As for mechanics, on a second reading of the resolution chart, I think you’re right Blaze, rolling lower numbers is better/successful. I suggest we just go with the results we’ve posted so far (despite the incorrect method) and just start doing it the correct way moving forward. Sorry about the mixup!

We’ve established that the planet has plant life from the green we saw from orbit, but how difficult should it be to notice fauna as we move out? I’m thinking about making a handful of unopposed rolls, one to see if there is animal life on the planet at all (AR average?), one to see if it’s hostile (AR below average?) and then one to see if we run into any as we progress (AR low?). My thinking would be that we each periodically roll that last one as we continue on (assuming the first roll comes up “yes”). What do you all think of those difficulties?

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