Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237

Zac Turnez

The engines of the shuttle cycle down and shut off. Outside, a wind can be heard rustling through alien trees nearby. Zac enters some commands into his console, bringing up the orbital images taken from the first survey mission.

Orbital Image

We are located on this continent, on the green area just above the Raven’s nacelle in this image. The most recent possible impact event is located towards the coast line. If it is an impact crater, there may be some debris still there that we can analyse.

As we flew in, the storm cell was still active, so I think we should keep an eye on it. I suggest setting up the atmospheric monitors first so that we can track the storm and its impact. It’ll take some time to find a suitable location and get the equipment set up, and until we have more data, we don’t know when and where that cell will make landfall. If we have to get out quick and the equipment isn’t deployed, all we’ll have to show is some species of plants. I can also link in with the TSN Viper’s sensors to give us a way to track the storm in the meantime. It’l give us a bit of warning if the cell starts heading towards us and a possible ETA for landfall.

After that, we could make our way towards the coastline to see if we can pick up any samples from any life along the coast and check out the possible impact event in that area.