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Tuor Elanesse

So since my name was mentioned, i think i have a right to say some words. First of all this is my mail that i sent to Xavier about my return to the community after a long break:

Hey old friend. How are you?It’s Tuor.
I stopped playing last year because of my new work everything was hard no time to do things. I moved my house lots of things happened in my life and now getting married. everything seems on track so i wanted to rejoin and play. I missed the crew. I ve been in touch with some of them still.

Can you enlist me?

Hey, how are you? yeah i enlisted again and i am active in the comms net. I wonder is there a chance for me to get my old rank back?
I do not want to mess with the system, do not want to captain a ship or if you want do not put me in command staff and meetings. I just do not want to start over again as cadet or lower ranked soldier.

We can sell it as if i have been held hostage by the enemy all this time or brainwashed or something else. I can catch up with the new stuff easily since i have basic knowledge and i am experienced at playing. Officially i was a Commander i suppose.

As you can see I did not want a ship or anything else. I ve just wanted my old rank back and a cooldown period to catch up with new things in the community. Fish can confirm these because i also explained these things to him as well. However, when there is no one outranks me while we are in missions; as as XO and a Commander it is my duty to take the command of my assigned ship. If available i can even be a fleet commander, because this is my duty and my rank forces me to do so.

Dear Blaze, We have been flying with you just for 2 or 3 duty shifts right? Do you believe this is a suitable time to evaluate my performance? I commanded TSN Hawk for a long time and for nearly 1.5 years i was an XO before worked with great captains. These people gave me this rank because they saw me capable and ready for it. And i ve done nothing wrong to put flights in danger. No one explained new things to me i needed to learnd them as we go and i got adapted.

About my RP:
I am friend with everyone in here, i like them and i hope they like me back. They know me well and i know them too.All the people here have a real life beside this game. Sometimes i might get bored and drop RP, or maybe i am too god damn tired and i got slacky about it. Sometimes when there are new players or there is a slow mission it is good to ease the tension or the boredom while playing by getting slightly out off character. I know it because i got enough experience with other people.
I can question Verok’s actions or even talk back to him however i do these things as i trust the sincerity between Verok or the others. There is a border between us and i never pass it vice versa he knows that i wont cross it. This week he wanted from me to cover Science station even though i declared that i do not want it because i was science officer for years and i got tired of it. But there is a new cadet and we should give them a chance to prove themselves actively thus i said “okay, i can be science” and i happily conducted my duty because this is just a game and i am mature enough to listen others.

All these does not mean i have the privilage to tear down the fourth wall and quit RPing during flights. All i am saying that sometimes we can enjoy and go with the wind. The thing is, you can warn me any time you want. because you want RP and you are here for the RP so i cannot cross your borders and kill your aim to be here. You could have warned me.
I asked you thrice during flight did not i?
I ve said, “Blaze, you go silent all of a sudden is there a problem? you can tell me?”
You said nothing yet you are writing these in here. I am not angry but i feel kind of disappointed because as i said i value friendship and see everyone as my friends in here. This means maybe i should not see you as one and while you are around me i need to act firm and do my duty. nothing more.

I see myself fit to my rank. I am as capable as any commanders in here. We got destroyed in the last weeks but it was a simulation and the crews were rotating. everyone was trying to get used to their styles. I know to use every station but the Helm station is not among my bests. I did not take the weapons because you were on that station. Since i do not want to be science anymore i asked Verok to take Helm. I was not as good as an assigned Helms officer so i quit doing it. I know when to joke around and when not to.

As Fish said they are working on some etiquette to create branches between commanders indicated by color. Just like in real life if you are a commander that does not mean you can captain a ship. sometimes you might want to stay on passive duty. If they give me a ship i can fly it as well no problem as i said i just want to play this game with these people. I ve missed the community and now i am attending regularly and i will be too.

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