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And this is why I love Lancer and her crew, and no other ship can match up.

During a sim or a mission, we are focused on the job in hand. We use the correct terminology, which is a million times better than the captain just yelling “get us out of here”.

In downtime, we laugh about things, about each other, just as humans do.

We can get frustrated when other ships fail to act as the have been ordered, or as protocol demands, as that can directly impact our enjoyment, or just frustrate an awesome combat plan the Captain came up with!

My personal experience is that having fellow bridge officers who are willing to invest a bit of brainpower into RP (Matsiyan and Mundy spring immediately to mind) makes the whole experience more fun. And isn’t that what we’re here for?

Lancer is awesome. Find a ship and crew that you have fun with. Lancer is awesome. Don’t impact someone else’s ‘fun’. Lancer is awesome.

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