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Matthew Vaj

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised at how into the RP some of you are. Not that that’s a bad thing – I just don’t know many people in RL who are as passionate about it as blaze and jemel and apparently many others are, and so I guess I never realized just how much y’all enjoy the RP. It’s almost beyond my comprehension that some of you get angry about people breaking character and all that, because that’s not something that bothers me at all. I enjoy the RP and usually try to stay in character, but I think that I’m just having fun, not worrying about it when someone breaks character because it’s just a game.

That being said, I respect the fact that many of you DO take it way more seriously, and I will certainly keep that in mind in my interactions with you.

This discussion has certainly given me some things to think about. Yes, artemis is a game with TONS of issues and quirks, and in many ways, even with scripted missions and the like, it is somewhat repetitive. I can see why the game itself is not enough to keep you interested. I think one of the reasons the RP is not as important to me is that I don’t know how to hardcore RP. It’s not something I’ve ever had the inclination to learn, whether because it’s not who I am or not something I needed.

Like I said, I respect those of you who take the RP seriously, and I’ll try to be serious about it when I’m not on the Phoenix, but I hope that the crew of the Phoenix keeps it’s same old semi-seriousness that I’ve gotten to know and love, at least while we’re on the bridge.

The DO can keep that in mind when assigning temporary crew members, and we’ll try to keep it on our bridge, so it doesn’t bug you all too much.