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Is the damage control panel still functional? AR: Normal, DR: Low – 26 == yes

Nhaima scanned about, pushing herself through the corridor until she had a thought. Deftly, she flipped herself around and made way towards the airlock where the shuttle had docked. When that came into view, she worked her way carefully towards the damage control panel she had called out earlier. She activated the mag-lock on her boots and, anchored in front of her objective, began tinkering with the panel. She inserted the blade of her knife into the beveled edge surrounding the face plate and pried the metal facade away, securing it to the wall with a bit of tape. She then produced her flashlight and unloaded its power cell. Carefully she extricated some wires that looked like they contained a single circuit and linked each end to the cell. The wires took on a soft red glow as heat passed through the slightly shorted-out circuit.

Lieutenant, over here! Looks like this is still in working order, as long as we didn’t need that button.