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Zac Turnez

Right, my thinking is the airlock is pretty much guarenteed to lead to a corridor of some kind, so the chance was high. There was the chance it could lead in to some kind of docking bay, so didn’t want to leave out that possibility.

As for it being empty, a derelict might have something of interest as we enter, but might not, so I kept the chance average. As it turns out, we are in a pretty empty corridor, alone.

I kept up with Blaze’s idea of floating in to the station. As that had been established and since the systems seem to be powered down (no life support detected; airlock having to be forced etc) I am running with that.

Note for canon – do we have “mag boots” to stick to the deck, or shall we stick with floating. Personally, I like the idea of floating (since we don’t need to worry about that whole cinematic “walking on the ground” thing all the time….. how boring… walking in space!)