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Link to vesselData.xml beta

Changes from what I’ve listed above to the TSN Shuttle:

  • Beam damage doubled so that it is noticable, but range is still halved and cycle rate doubled. It’s enough to take out light enemies around level 5, but wasn’t able to destroy or disable hard targets at level 10.
  • Turn rate decreased by 25% (now 0.015)
  • Model now uses one of the civilian cargo freighters, with a reduced size model

TSN Raven with shuttle, with station nearby

Changes to other ships (Affects Raven, Horizon, Phoenix, Lancer, Hunter, Viper, Gryphon, Vengeance, Excalibur, and the generic CL-Valkyrie and CL-Apollo)

  • Side set to 7 so that it uses the shuttle instead of fighter
  • broadType set to “player carrier”
  • Each vessel now has a carrierload entry. This is 2 if it is a light cruiser or larger, or a 1 if smaller.