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Service Record:

  • 30916-2237: First sortie with the 4th Light Division.
  • 221016-2237: Promoted to acting ensign.
  • 131116-2237: Assigned to TSN Raven (CB-014) at tactical, promoted to ensign.
  • 70117-2237: Appointed ADO to DO Lt. Quinn
  • 21117-2237: Promoted to lieutenant-junior.
  • 21117-2237: Awarded Personal Achievement ribbon, Practical Proficiency(Tactical) ribbon.
  • 1417-2237: Transferred to TSN Phoenix (CL-262), assigned to helm.
  • 1417-2237: Appointed ADO to DO Lt. Jr. Donovan
  • 6517-2237: Appointed DO with ADO Ens. Trueman
  • 3717-2237: Promoted to lieutenant.
  • 22717-2237: Destruction of TSN Phoenix, CL-262
  • 29717-2237: Appointed DO with ADO Lt. Jr. Xiph
  • 12817-2237: Transferred to TSN Horizon (CL-V-267), assigned to helm. Awarded Advanced Practical Proficiency (Tactical) ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Raven), Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Phoenix)
  • 23917-2237: Assigned ADO to Lt. Jr. Marcus
  • 281017-2237: Awarded Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Viper)