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Identifying a sensor strip along the top edge of the wall, Mundy points out key targets for Blaze to fire at. A few volleys and the sensor strip goes dark.

Mundy continues to scroll through the map data accessed earlier, the reference still stored on the alien datapad from the cell. Looking in more detail at the rooms beyond the quarters along the right hand corridor, one reads as having basic medical facilities.

As Vaj patches up Matsiyan’s wound, he sees it is much more serious that it first seems. The gash is deep and the bleeding hard to stop. As he binds the wound with the makeshift bandages, they quickly begin to saturate with blood. (//Sorry Mats, but charging headlong at a Kralien was a risky move!)

As Blaze and Aramond approach the active cell, they see the door surround glowing red. Tapping commands on an access pad next to it, Mundy deactivates the lock and the surround switches to a bluish-white colour. Blaze and Aramond take position either side as the door slides open. Aiming their pulse carbines, they enter the gloomy interior.

The cell is identical to the one in which you were first imprisoned, but only one energy field is active. It ripples with the same distortion seen earlier. Behind it, just visible, is a small figure crouched in the corner. The figure rises, moves to the middle of their cell and stands – waiting, proud and defiant she stares ahead not looking at Blaze and Aramond as they enter. The figure has short, black disheveled hair and a young feminine face, blood crusted along a horizontal gash on her forehead. She wears combat fatigues, torn in places and stained with blood and grime. Though there are no ID patches to signify name, or a unit badge on the sleeve, it is evident that this is a TSN marine.