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//Sorry for the delay. An injured party member, and you fix the Kralien first?

Vaj manages to stabalise the only surviving Kralien, however it is clear from the wounds sustained that moving the casualty more than a few feet will cause the alien to become critical again.

As Matsiyan charges towards the door,it slams shut and seals; the retreating Kralien escaping with its wounded comrade. From the last glimpse of the Kralien’s direction of travel, it seems they are heading to the right-hand corridor.

With the adreneline flooding out of his system, Matsiyan begins to sway and stumble. The gash in his shoulder beginning to sear with pain.

In the meantime, Mundy uses the datapad to bypass security codes on the locked cell and gain control of the door. Despite her efforts however, she is unable to gain access to any internal security cameras or sensor systems. Continuing to work at the systems, she gains further access to the facility’s door and lift systems on the current level.

//Note, your are still in the cell block. The only weapons are those dropped by the Kraliens. Two Kraliens retreated, one OK and the other wounded. In the corridor at three remaining aliens: One Kralien was killed by Blaze, and another wounded by Matsiyan and a third killed by Dante’s fire before the assault. Weapons available are the Pulser from the cell and the three Pulse Carbines dropped by the Kraliens. Sorry for OOC, just wanted to clarify your current situation.

Your move.

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