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John van Leigh

//Yep! But also it is something that can’t be overlooked. What I get from other people is positive, which means this doesn’t warrant an extremely severe punishment. My other interactions with the same cadet tell me he can do his job. But he did also leave a console locked. That’s unprofessional. That’s an insult to the way we try to welcome everyone into the group.

//This isn’t an unprecedented situation, but on it’s three-and-a-half-years history the TSN doesn’t have many records of disciplinary actions, except for faults commited in character. I remember a citation on an officer’s record and a hearing into something that never actually happened. It’s also good that almost everyone that comes is able to deal with our community standards (keeping some appearance of character, doing your station as well as you can, don’t openly rebel, generally speaking don’t be an asshole…) so that those instances are rare. But things like this break the inmersion (or, even if you’re not into RP, the damned game) for everyone involved.

//But really, don’t mind me. This is something that has to be studied by the senior staff, and I wouldn’t want to pick a punishment on my own end without reviewing it with them, as this impacts on the entire group. I’m just angry at this, and frustrated that I let it happen on my ship.