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Adele Mundy

Dante, I can lead you out, but I’m not the best person to take point. I can give you directions though: ahead to the T junction. Armoury to the left, way out to the right. There’s a lift there. Expect more guards…

//Science Officer through and through; by which I mean:
//Mundy is 1.53 m (5’3″) and currently unarmed. She has picked up the datapad, so can’t use a weapon as well, and she is working her way through the comms systems and security. She will jump up to lead the way and get shot, if she’s ordered to (though she’d really like to be holding something sharp and pointy before getting into close combat), but at the moment it seems a bit of a waste of resources to her. And if the datapad gets damaged, there goes our interface with the security system. It’s actually more important than Mundy is, in her estimation.

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