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@mundy As you access the terminal, security systems begin to activate, closing down the data you try to access. Gradually, the console shuts down, leaving only the Kralien keyboard active on which to enter security passwords or basic commands. Your knowledge of Kralien is not extensive enough to use the keyboard confidently to write a bypass. Picking up the datapad, you have more luck. It is not security protected, and browsing through the available programs you find a translation matrix built into the device.

@dantezelreich You recognise the weapon passed to you as a standard Kralien sidearm, similar to those used by the TSN. You are familiar with this weapon from simulations you ran during basic combat training. Checking the settings, you see it is fully charged and ready to fire. You know you have only a few moments to take up a good firing position before something comes through the door.

The alarm continues to blare loudly, then suddenly shuts off. Everything goes eerily quiet for a moment and the only sound you can hear is the breathing of those around you, which seems overly loud in the sudden quiet. The lights remain a deep red, casting a gloom through the room. The blue of the console illuminates the faces of Matsiyan and Mundy by the terminal. Time seems to slow…

//p.s. check the Toolbox for inspiration.