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It felt like a good shift last night. He Hjorden sim was for a change of pace and so I could have anothrr go at GMing. I know people like the action, so I went pretty full on, in contrast to the mission before which wss fairly quiet.

On the first sim, Croove on the Raven was managing the ordnance and allies as we had a full crew and I was directing him to. It didn’t seem like many responded to orders though, and those that we saved did their usual ‘mine clearing’ trick. I’d like to work more with comms officers on effective use of ships. I know it is possible to create small ‘combat groups’ of ships and then use them effectively against enemy formations. I might GM as part of a comms training exercise or something to demonstrate my ideas.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! We have a growing team of GMs and some great opportunities for RP.