Reply To: Gatlings


@jemeleahain, I knew Lancer was a beam-based ship, but didn’t know that detail–cool!

, I was envisioning it would be best in any fleet attack pattern using beams rather than heavy ordinance. I’m thinking in particular about the new coordinated “one ship takes tango, the rest pounce from behind” pattern (fox?), or degrading extra-large fleets by quickly picking off the smaller ones and stragglers while the other ships target the bigger ones. Also, it would be the go-to ship to take out elite enemies, as Jemel said, which might have things like tractors and anti-torp to make another ship’s efforts harder. To balance, I’d remove its torpedo tubes altogether. No tubes would also mean energy management is more important than usual, as there aren’t any homings to rely on. Does that make sense?