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Apologies Blaze, the changes were me, I was convinced I had better understood the combat training and made changes to confirm my understanding. After that I became confused. NOrmally I just mess with my own column until I am sure of the change. I got it wrong this time.

I am still completely confused about increasing levels of Combat training.

A character can choose to be overall combat Trained or Confident, no cost difference. (Or is this my basic misunderstanding and only one of the sub-levels can be Confident?)

The sub modules start off by averaging to Trained or Confident, one may be higher if one is lower.

Raising Combat Training is done by raising sub-levels. THe overall level corresponds to the rounded average of the sub-levels.

How can a sub-level be increased? Is this only awarded in play by a GM and nothing to do with the number of modules known and related number of Confident and Expert levels derived from Rank?

Or are the Confident and Expert levels, awarded as part of rank-related modules-known, used to boost Combat sub-levels?

The wording is ambiguous (as I read it).

Help! I really want to understand.