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RP Turn Sequence Guidelines

Here we go. The link above is a document I have just typed up about the turn sequence and how it can work on the forums. It isn’t a strict phase turn sequence, more of a guide about how to play out the RP in the forums. I have not set a time limit on turns (though the aim would be to complete one per day).

I might look at adding a section on ‘inactive’ players – those who are unable to respond in time during the turn sequence – just so we are clear on the procedure. It will likely be as simple as ‘your character goes along with whatever is currently happening as determined by the GM’.

Take a look. Any things that need clarifying? Any pitfalls that we need to address? We’ll probably find pitfalls as we go along, and we’ll try to correct them.

Now we have these two main documents in place? I will make a start on the holodeck training simulation I have planned out. Sign up below!

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