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Right, I think I have added most details now about each module. I tried to think of situations which might arise where the training would be used. As you could be taking on a diverse range of missions,I have tried to cover most bases. There is some cross over with other modules, and where this is most evident I have indicated this to an extent.

Hopefully the double modules make more sense now in terms of how broad the training would be (i.e. the number of different situations it could be applied to) or how useful it might be in a situation that is likely to occur (i.e. the frequency on which you might draw on that training).

I haven’t added stuff on the combat modules suggested by Aramond just yet, though I will look at them and detail them clearly. I think for now, we might be on the same page with those obes anyway. More importantly will be defining the kind of weapons in use. My thoughts are everything from knives and blades to energy weapons. I think projectile weapons (like modern day rifles) would be few and far between due to the nature of the combat (space combat in confined areas aboars a starship or station). In zero G, how effective they might be could be questionable (think recoil and its effect on you in space) and around ship’s hulls and bulkheads could be downright dangerous (small hole to open space in a pressurised compartment could make for an interesting effect).