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Ok. Next job then – how we go about running the RP session through the week.

Once I return from the world of limited internet, I’ll be able to devote plenty of time to replying and acting as full GM until the end of august/beginning of september. The thing is, I want to set up something that is managable for me after that time too. My thinking is that I should be able to manage a post a day, later in the evening (around 8 – 9pm UTC).

Would this be workable with the system we are thinking about? Could we effectively run an RP session over 5 or six nights in this way, or does there need to be more response from the GM?

I think one way to find out is to try it. Over the following week therefore, I will look at writing up more formal guidelines to follow and get people defining their characters ready for the RP. We could then set up a special ‘holo-deck’ RP game (i.e. it will have no impact on the wider universe). It will be a ‘training sim’ for RP purposes, and will be a trial of the system on the forums.

It will be interesting to see how much we can play out, how it will work with people joining part way (though I dont see that being much of a problem) and will help set up an example to follow for future sessions. Perhaps we could run an RP scenario every couple of week or so,instead of trying to come up with something dramatic each week. We could also use the time between to let new GMs have a go with a holo deck sim or a mini RP story that lasts just a week and has no impact (dealing with a tribble infestation, or the stange case of disappearing alcohol from the incoming shipmets to the bar etc).

I will make a start on a website page with all the information on. That way I can build it over the week and release it in a more complete format, rather than trying to write post by post on the forums.

All characters will have to be OK’d by the GM first but there is no harm thinking ahead as to what traininh you may have undergond alreadg. Any ideas on other modules to add to the academy training would be great, as well as any extra studies that an officer could have a go at after the academy.