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Adele Mundy

“// I dont know. Generally he is just ignored, which is a shame because on occasion some probing would have revealed bits of information about him and who he is. Consider what you know of him so far… knows Xavier, transferred from Atlantis, able to bypass certain security systems, works in sensor analysis on station. And now is an excellent pilot. There is a lot you dont know about him. But no one has struck up a conversation. Instead you all go off on your own flights of fancy. It is like having a DM in D&D, but everyone wanting the job”

//I need to make Mundy a bit more inquisitive, then. But she hasn’t asked anyone any questions about their background, even when the situation was practically begging for the questions to be asked (Slate fainting at the sight of blood; Blaze’s drunken warning to absent friends; Rax’s appearance, and how he knows Vaj), because she didn’t want to answer any questions herself. And she wasn’t sure whether Turnez wanted to be associated with a bunch of possibly insubordinate officers. Might reflect badly.