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// See? It’s working!

Hell, if there’s no arrogant, leather-jacketed, stick jockey that turns up by the Captain’s deadline for departure, we can always have Adele cover SciCom and put Eric at the helm. It is his secondary after all. Also mine. We’ll muddle through.

Let me have a word with Polano, he might have a few drinking buddies with tactical gear who would be up for a bit of a lark. Could also come in handy if we need something duct-taped. If we can’t put together a full DC/Security team, there are still a few of those upgraded scutters that never made it aboard Hydra. I wouldn’t normally rely on them, but the fewer the better for this.

Oh wait a minute! I wonder if I could get that Arvonian cry-baby reset for another use? I spent enough damn time studying that thing and its effects. I might not be able to build or to reverse-engineer one, but I might just be able to reset it. Having a few false images certainly wouldn’t hurt if we have to run for it.