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Fish Evans

From: Captain Fish Evans
To: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh Captain Fish Evans
Subject: Unakalhai activity on the Poseidon Rift

Lt Cmdr,
I wont ask how you came across this information, however the Security Services Beuro have passed on information concerning a ship reportedly by the name Malfeasant to the point we even have some imagery of her physical design. its location however is unknown.

accordingly I am authorising you to pull together a scratch crew to man the PWC Manticore – you will find her in docking bay 7 – a captured and modified arrow class ship as I am sure you are aware. you are instructed to use the manticore to scout the Rift, you are to try to remain undetected and to use the manticore’s pirate background to locate get detailed scans of the Malfeasant and determine its purpose in the Posiden rift.

I will warn you that the Malfeasant if true to the designs will be many times the Manticore’s match or indeed any single ship the TSN has, because of this if you believe its intent is hostile you are to report back so that the division can scramble a defence against her. I leave you discretion as to how exactly you proceed once in the rift but remind you that the defence of TSN boarders MUST come first over any.. personal quests such as retrieving any relations.

Launch Authorisation: G775EC

Please provide a list to my self and the DO/ADO on which personnel will be present on the manticore.

Information and Guidlines
limit to RP
up to the point where:
the Manticore either calls for division back up
is engaged by the Malfeasant
returns to base having failed to locate or determined that Malefeas poses no threat.

The objective being that the division will either do a rescue a seek and destroy guided by the Manticore at the start of next shift or shortly into the shift. Mr Van Leigh and his designated XO for this mission will be responsible for deciding on the actions taken based on suggestions from his crew in the appropriate thread. ONI officers may help set the scean I will post some guidance to them in the Intel forms tomorrow evening (I suspect it will take that long to get a crew formed,

voulenteer Crew members should
1) Be able to attend next shift to the best of there knowledge
2) check the forums several times a day over the next week.