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Matthew Vaj

@xavier, it’s funny you mentioned the tactical document on advanced stations. I had noticed that only Helm and Communications Advanced Training Documents were available, so I’ve been working on one for Engineering to put forward, and I was planning on including advanced combat order guidelines for engineers. I’ll send it your way once I’m happy with it.

You’re definitely right, the Captain should be the only one giving orders, and all information should be directed to him, but let me propose this situation:

A captain calls for an Delta 2 on the fleet just ahead. Now, either the captain or helm could look at the fleet and decide on a target. If the captain calls the target, the helm officer might not have a good way of getting to the target while minimizing damage. The helm officer has a closer and more clear look at the immediate tactical situation than the captain’s map. I figure if the helm officer is allowed to call targets (unless the captain has good reason to override), the captain can focus on wider strategy – what the next combat order should be, what fleet to attack next.

As I understand it, the helm and other officers are free to make a lot of decisions so long as they do not counteract the captain’s current orders. Given a Delta 2, the helm can call targets, make passes and high energy turns all within that combat order. Helm should not take excessive evasive action without further orders, weapons shouldn’t load ordnance, and engineering shouldn’t boost warp power. Am I mistaken?

Draeco, I would think so, because confirmation could be the difference between an Echo and an Omega, or heading to 60 degrees instead of 160 degrees, or all kinds of crazy miscommunication.