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Blaze Strife

Or, instead of taking the exams, we might do something more with the part of shift where the captains debrief their crews after a simulation/mission. Instead of just saying to the crew what they did good or bad, they could also update a document and add marks for the shift. Something simple, along the lines of

  • 1 – unsatisfied performance or a major problem
  • 2 – normal level of performance, nothing major in any way
  • 3 – very good performance or a major achievement

We can have as many of these marks as we want, but I think that anything more than 5 is too complicated to be kept constant over time. The document can be made to only be available to the senior officers. Then the marks themselves would show if someone deserves a reward or not.

On a similar note, I’d be willing to keep a record of all officers, their ranks, their permanent assignments, dates when they were promoted, and whatever else we want to. I think it should be at least 2 or 3 people on this, but I’m willing to put in time to keep it up to date, especially when we can see the ranks of other on the weekly shift.

, you’re being awfully silent. Did we annoy you too much or are you just collecting ideas?