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Matthew Vaj

I like what Braddock said a lot. A list of Ribbons and such that we could consider drawing from:

The console rank system is an interesting thought. In some ways it could overlap with the ribbons/acheivements system, but it’s also a very different approach. Would the ranks (or designations of some sort, not sure rank is the best word. Maybe level?) only apply to an officer’s primary, or both primary and secondary? Perhaps a level of expertise should be required in both specializations to increase a rank (or level, or whatever). Probably just primaries would be sufficient, but what do others think?

Designating console rank/level could be as simple as “Matthew Vaj | Eng 2”. Or it could be designated by Teamspeak like regular ranks somehow – “[Ens][2] Matthew Vaj | Eng”.

I really like the console-specific training concept as part of this as well. Thoughts on this?