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Right, Hall is to blame for messing up the formatting on this thread. I’ll try to sort when I am back from R&R, unless Jemel can in the meantime.

On topic though: there are a lot of ideas about our canon floating about. There are a couple of conflicting ideas, but much is in a similar vein. Everything on the site is approved and official, and although pretty much ‘this is how it is’ it is not completely final. The liklihood of it changing is very low indeed though. I have made that decision so we have consistancy and we don’t end up flitting back and forth.

As I have most of my time freed up now, it is the time I really want to push on with developing canon. Until September, I have little to no work to do. Projects this summer therefore include developing canon as well as the TSN Sandbox.

This forum was set up to discuss and gather ideas that include development of canon. I will be picky though (I’m looking at you Hall!) and the Command Staff will also be involved in discussions about canon.

We did have more originally, but sadly lost a lot of it when our site changed. Some of it was recoverable, and some hasn’t been re-added. There is a bit of a backlog in that regard, that I hope to catch up on.

Next week I intend to be online Wed to Fri evening, and will dedicate a lot of my time to developing the site. If people can gather everything the have together for then I can review it and start posting stuff up. I won’t just be doing a ‘copy and paste’ exercise though. Stuff has to fit what we have already and the universe we operate in. There are lots of things to develop already (make sure you trawl the site and glean as much as you can) and we are sticking relatively closely to much of the established Artemis canon.

Like I say, at the moment I am away, so am limited to a phone, a notebook and paper (which I am using!) When I am back though, this stuff will start to develop further and get posted on the site.

Our first phase of establishing core stuctures and routines to enable smooth and enjoyable play seems to be set and running well; the next real phase therefore will be really developing the depth of our universe.