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Adele Mundy

I don’t know if that needs special permission, I didn’t think so. There should be a link to the doc, but I’ll let @admin confirm. Here’s the text I put in, anyway:

Naval Security Department, (TSN)
During times of suspected or confirmed sabotage/spy activity, NSD personnel have the authority to tap communications of and observe officers to determine loyalty and discover any enemy agents. If NSD personnel have proof that someone is a spy, they have authority, once the proper paperwork goes through the Judge Advocate General’s office, to arrest the suspects and begin questioning. The NSD also has authority to order psychological evaluations on potentially mentally compromised personnel: for example, Cmdr. Expree when he was psychically taken over by the Cosmic Icosahedron’s low-level psi-field during the Schroedinger Incident.

I think you mean Marine Corps. A marine corpse would be a sea-zombie, if it were capable of action… (Crazy English language)