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John van Leigh

A possibility we also looked at was rearranging command seniority.

For starters, right now, the chain of command goes Xavier, (Alice) Fish, (Brenner, Expree) Jemel, Verok, then the lt-cdrs-

First of all, the fact that inactive members still retain full seniority is problematic when deciding where to put them. They displace an active senior officer from a chair whenever they are able to join us, as is the case with Brenner, or leave an empty spot we’re relunctant to open up, as is the case with Expree.

So we discussed a possible system that would bypass date-of-rank for command officers, creating more flexibility in the chain of command. For example, we add a second line to the Captain rank, in which all captains can be captain of the red, captain of the blue, captain of the rainbow-pucking unicorns even, and allow the titles to be rotated or displaced as relevant, allowing for cases where a recently promoted CO can have command of a battlegroup if he’s suited to the role, or a captain that’s way too senior and feels he’s too high up can remain back without being truly demoted.