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Adele Mundy

Apollo, on the other hand, is associated with the Muses. Tradition has settled on nine, but there are older names for three or seven muses. The thing is, the Muses are associated with the arts, and their names might not be as inspirational for our cruisers. So, in a more war-like vein, I have found:

Enyo and Erida, supposedly sisters of Ares, goddesses of war and blood-lust
Eris, goddess of battle strife and discord
The Hysminai, (singular would be Hysmina), female spirits of battle
the Keres, (singular is Keres), female spirits of cruel death, including death in battle
Nike, goddess of victory long before her name was stolen by a sports attire brand…
Otrera, wife of Ares and mother of the Amazons, goddess of violence and chaos

You may have noticed I’ve suggested exclusively female names. Ships are traditionally female, and goddesses tend to be forgotten, especially the war goddesses.