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Adele Mundy

Well, there is a whole list of Valkyrie names that would be suitable for the Valkyrie ships, but many of them are difficult to pronounce if you aren’t familiar with Old Norse. The most straightforward ones would be:

Brynhildr (or Brunhilde), meaning “bright battle”
Göll, “tumult, battle cry”
Grimhildr, Grimhilde, Krimhilda, “battle helm”
Gunnr, “battle”
Herja, something like “one who devastates”
Hildr (or Hilde), “battle” (do you sense a theme here?)
Hildeberg, “battle fortress”
Hildegund, “battle war” (tautology, anyone?)
Kára, “stormy one”
Sigrún, “victory rune”

And of course, the leader of the Valkyries was Freya herself, going by the name Valfreya, “Mistress of the Slain”.