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Matthew Vaj

I think it’s pretty realistic so far. When I think about Star Trek senior staff meetings, it seems like they follow a format along these lines (Parentheses indicate day that I propose we focus on each section should we choose to adopt it or something similar):

CO: (Sunday)
Here’s the situation and intel I am aware of.
Here’s the objective.
Is there any other information we need to know to proceed and what suggestions/opinions do the officers have for the CO?

Officers: (Sunday-Wednesday)
Additional intel.
Question(s) about the situation.

CO: (Monday-Thursday)
Response to questions.

Officers: (Tuesday-Friday)
Additional comments.
Suggested course(s) of action.

CO: (Friday-Saturday)
Decision(s) announced.
General orders to all officers.
Orders given to specific officers.
Dismiss officers.

We may not want to adopt this format completely, but it certainly seems very efficient to me. If you (or the ranking officer) gives us all the info you(they) know, then we can add to that if there is info not yet mentioned and ask questions, then suggest courses of action based on all the information.

So far we haven’t gotten very far in the meeting, so we’ll see how the rest play out, but there’s my two cents.

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